Betina Hollstein, Rainer Greshoff, Uwe Schimank und Anja Weiß (Hg.): Special Issue Soziologische Revue 2020: Soziologie - Sociology in the German-Speaking World

Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg 2021

This book provides the first systematic overview of the current state of sociology in German-speaking countries in the English language. Its thirty-four chapters review advances and current trends, relate them to the international discussion and point out challenges and perspectives for future research. As the variety of topics shows, the contributions to this volume span the entire range of sociological research areas that address pressing questions both theoretically and empirically. With this special issue of the SOZIOLOGISCHE REVUE, the only German-language sociological review journal, we want to give international readers some insight into the sociological discussions in German-speaking countries—that is, Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland—and familiarize them with the discussions that are still largely conducted in the German language. We believe that many aspects of these discussions are of interest to an international audience as well and that knowledge about the wider context of the history of ideas in which the German-language debate is embedded and how it has evolved over time will not only enhance mutual understanding but might also stimulate and fertilize the broader international debate. In the following, we will first briefly address some characteristics of the Germanlanguage sociological discourse and its historical background. Second, we will address the question why, despite the increasing internationalization of Germanspeaking academia, a substantial part of the sociological discussion is still being conducted in the German language. Finally,we provide the reader with some guidance on what to expect in the articles to follow and offer some tips on how to navigate this volume.