Dossier - Aging, life span and societal challenges

Deadline: January 15th, 2022

Special Issue of Forum Sociológico

Coordination: Ana Fernandes (ORCID), António Fonseca (ORCID), Maria João Bárrios (ORCID)

Developed societies are aged. Population aging is the result of a demographic dynamic of continuous decline in mortality (propensity to die) and consequent increase in life expectancy. On the other hand, it results from the decline in birth and fertility, which affects the population structure. This achievement of years of life is accompanied by economic, social and political changes that have been taking place over the last few decades, creating constraints and ambivalences that constitute major cross-cutting challenges in societies. From these challenges emerges a spectrum of intervention opportunities for public policies, to adapt social institutions and society in general. Considering the heterogeneity of people as they age, as the territorial and social diversity, what are their needs ? Are the previous paradigms appropriate and sufficient ? Which paradigms can guide new solutions?

This special issue of Forum Sociológico focuses on analyzing the challenges resulting from a longer life, as one of the greatest social problems in contemporary societies. We welcome and encourage the authors to submit original articles of an empirical nature or theoretical essays, nationally and internationally.

Expected publication date of the thematic dossier: 1st Semester of 2022

Article submission deadline: January 15th, 2022, in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish.

All proposals must be sent to forum(at)fcsh.unl.pt, with the subject of the dossier in the subject field.

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