Gerhard Preyer, Reuss-Markus Krausse: COVID-19 as immune event. Multiple irritation scenario beyond Western Modernizations

The contribution to the volume formulates theses on the ongoing interpretation of the selfirritation of societal communication and membership in social systems that is triggered by the observable pandemic. The article reconceptualizes immune events of societal communication from a membership sociological point of view. This is a feature of the continuation of the third research program of multiple modernities (Eisenstadt) (1.) in sociological theory. Based on the COVID-19 virus as an immune event, five theses are put forward that address relevant aspects of contemporary society (2.). They concern the criticism of the traditional semantics of the concept of crisis and its replacement by the immune events of membership systems (First thesis), the global solution of the virus problem that cannot be expected and what follows from it (Second thesis), the consequences of the different solutions of the virus problem, especially with reference to Germany (Third thesis), the struggle of the nation states over the disposal of the vaccine (Fourth thesis), and the consequence for the sociology of membership as well as the function of protest communication (Fifth thesis). The ›conclusion‹ and the ›outlook‹ address fundamental problems that sociological theory should address. It is central that without limited negations (immune events) social evolution cannot restabilize (3.).