Playing with method: Game design as ethnographic research

The Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology (HU Berlin) would like to invite you to all to Playing with method: Game design as ethnographic research‹, a series of live-streamed events we will be hosting on 14.1.2021, 28.1.2021 & 11.2.2021).

In this online workshop series we would like to invite you all to join us in a collective conversation on how developing games might also impact how we could do social-cultural research: from describing to intervening, from representing to performing (and breaching) reality, thus experimenting with what politics and critique might mean wheneverwe prototype and play.

The series of talks wishes to open up a line of inquiry counting on practical examples (be they card, board, performative or video-games), theoretical repertoires, and speculative visions or positional arguments to address the promises and challenges of the ways in which games might be mobilized for different forms and genres of social intervention. 

For any further information (also including the Zoom links) please check our website: https://hu.berlin/playingwithmethod  

Playing with method: Game design as ethnographic research

14.1.2021 5-7pm – Urban matters

Claudia Hummel (UdK & Spielclub Oranienstraße 25 / nGbK project group)

Tomás Criado & Ignacio Farías (Urban Anthropology, HU Berlin)
Chaired by: Julia Schröder, HU Berlin

28.1.2021 6-8pm – Educational matters

Joe Dummit (UC Davis)
Judith Ackermann (Fachhochschule Potsdam)
Chaired by: Tomás Criado, HU Berlin

11.2.2021 5-7pm – Organizational matters 

Judith Igelsböck (Institut für Organisation, JKU Linz) & Friedrich Kirschner (HFS ›Ernst Busch‹, Berlin)
Alberto Vanolo (Università degli Studi di Torino)
Chaired by: Ignacio Farías, HU Berlin


Stadtlabor für multimodale Anthropologie (HU Berlin)


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