German Sociological Association Section Sociological Network Research

German Sociological Association Section Sociological Network Research

The section offers all scientists and practitioners with an interest in sociological network research a forum for exchange and understanding.

The section looks at networks from a sociological perspective. This includes the assumption that the interactions, behaviour and relationships of actors in a network are influenced by the global and local structures of the network. The network and its dynamics in turn arise from the interactions within the network.

The section is open for theoretical and empirical contributions. Methodologically, this includes formal network analyses, big-data studies and simulations, as well as the statistical analysis of ego-centred networks and qualitative-interpretative procedures. The theoretical approaches range from behaviour and action theory to relational sociology and constructivism. We also want to offer a space for the discussion of these different theoretical approaches and methods. The focus is solely on an explicit focus on the description and explanation of (social) networks. In addition, the section supports interdisciplinary cooperation, since network research is also gaining popularity and followers across disciplines.

The section organises regular conferences (one or two per year) and coordinates workshops in the field of network research. In addition, it promotes cooperation in projects and disseminates information on job offers related to network research.