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Alex Dennis, Clemens Eisenmann, Yaël Kreplak, Christian Meier zu Verl (Eds.): Ethnomethodology and Ethnography, Qualitative Research Vol. 24 (1)

London: Sage Publications 2024

The special issue on Ethnomethodology and Ethnography explores in-depth the relationships, entanglements and subtle, but important differences between ethnomethodology and ethnography in their theoretical, methodological, and empirical grounds. All contributions show in different and complementary ways, how these relations address foundational problems and concerns of qualitative methodologies more generally as well as their particular solutions to issues in the ongoing discussions of contemporary qualitative research. They discuss to what extent studies in ethnomethodology depend on or use ethnographic procedures, how ethnographies can explore constitutive practices of social order that are inherently ethnomethodological, and how the social situatedness, positionality, and bodies of researchers are themselves part and parcel of the social phenomena under study.