Call for Papers

Gang Induced Migration? Challenges and Perspectives from Social Sciences and International Law

Deadline: October 16th, 2022

The conference will bring together academics and practitioners from both the perspective of Social Science and International Law for an interdisciplinary discussion on ›gang-induced migration‹. In this context, the conference will address contemporary challenges in security, protection and development debates. It will revisit the definitions and the changing organizational nature of gangs, challenge the traditional perceptions of ›gangs‹ in society and church, highlight the multifaceted relationship between gangs and migratory movements, and underline the protection gaps of international refugee and human rights law when it comes to asylum claims of gang victims or former gang-members. Ultimately, the conference will seek to identify ways towards the enhancement of the protection afforded to those affected by ›gang-induced migration‹. Further, top-of-mind topics for presentations include but are not limited to: gangs in international comparative perspective, synergies with organized crime, challenges for development and security, political instrumentalization, prevention, gender perspectives, non-refoulement, church asylum, human rights.

We welcome contributions from academics and practitioners interested in the topic and we highly encourage early-career scholars to submit a presentation proposal. Although the conference focuses mainly on perspectives of international law and social science, we aim at an interdisciplinary approach towards the topic, and we would be happy to accept relevant presentation proposals from other disciplines.

Kindly note that the accommodation and travel expenses of the conference presenters will be covered. To submit a presentation proposal of up to 500 words, please use this registration form.

The deadline for presentation proposals is October 16, 2022.

For questions, please refer to ganginducedmigration(at)