Call for Papers

Measuring Understanding

Deadline: June 5th, 2023 (extended)

The TRR 318 is an interdisciplinary research centre on the topic of Constructing Explainability. According to the constructive view, if an explanation is successful, it results in an understanding. Current XAI research is centering around solutions of how to achieve understanding. This year’s topic of the 2. TRR conference is therefore ›Measuring Understanding‹ and we call for contributions from diverse disciplines. The contributions can include different methods and tools to assess and measure understanding in the context of (a) dyadic everyday explanations (b) the context of interpretability or explainability of AI systems, or (c) of institutional environments. Specifically, the contributions should focus on the methodological challenge of how to measure and operationalise understanding in diverse explanatory settings including human-human interaction and human-machine interaction, and what are the implications of these measurements
for XAI.

Please submit your extended abstract (1-2 pages, including references) as a .pdf and a .docx/.tex files to conference(at) until 05.06.2023. Notifications tba.