Call for Papers

›Social policies as life course policies – between protecting discontinuity and re-establishing continuity‹

Deadline: July 15th, 2022

We invite abstracts for articles in a special issue of the Journal of Social Policy Research (Zeitschrift für Sozialreform) which will deal with the relationship between social policy and individual life courses, and examine ›life course policies‹, i.e. policies which relate to or aim to shape individual life courses in their long-term dynamics. The articles should investigate specific life course policies more closely by analysing the normative ideas underlying these policies and/or their effects on individual life courses.

Abstract: To publish an article in the special issue, please submit an extended abstract (including the names and affiliations of all authors) of around 300 words to the guest editors no later than July 15th, 2022. Authors of extended abstracts who are invited to submit a full paper in English (max. 8,000 words) will be notified later in August 2022.

Full Paper: The full paper (of a length of around 8,000 words including space), and adhering to all standards of the journal are due no later than the end of January 2023.