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M. Cristina Alcalde and Paula-Irene Villa (Eds.): #MeToo and Beyond. Perspectives on a Global Movement M. Cristina Alcalde and Paula-Irene Villa

Lexington: University Press of Kentucky 2022

Before #MeToo became a massive global movement, these were the hashtags that represented activists from Ukraine to Peru who demanded accountability for the sexual violence and racism, xenophobia, and misogyny inflicted on women, transgender people, and girls. Led by activists such as Tarana Burke, who popularized the phrase "me too," these movements provided a call to action for survivors across the world to speak out about their experiences.

In #MeToo and Beyond, M. Cristina Alcalde and Paula-Irene Villa bring together scholars and activists from various backgrounds to approach #MeToo from multiple spaces, positionalities, and areas of expertise, many from regions and contexts often overlooked and understudied in the mediascapes of the global North. This volume includes perspectives from around the world and touches on diverse topics spanning masculinity studies, transgender people›s heightened risk of suffering sexual harassment and violence, the internal conflict in American Jewish communities as activists began speaking out against prominent members who relied on shared cultural values to shame their victims, as well as many other significant aspects of the first all-inclusive international effort to end gender-based violence. The editors and contributors heed Burke‹s call to amplify marginalized voices so that instead of becoming footnotes, these voices guide activists to frame polyphony as central to understanding past, current, and future forms of gender-based violence and resistance.

The goal of #MeToo and Beyond is to examine both profoundly universal and specific experiences of sexual violence, as well as the collective effort to stop gender-based violence wherever it occurs. Activists and scholars will find this book an important and necessary contribution to current and future discussions on sexual violence and global movements.

About the authors

M. Cristina Alcalde is the vice president for institutional diversity and inclusion at Miami University in Ohio, where she is also professor of global and intercultural studies. She is the author or editor of several books, including Peruvian Lives across Borders: Power, Exclusion, and Home. Paula-Irene Villa is chair and professor of sociology and gender studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität–Munich, and president of the German Sociological Association. She is the author or editor of several books, including The Future of Difference: Beyond the Toxic Entanglement of Racism, Sexism, and Feminism, coauthored with Sabine Hark.