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ProtoSociology Vol. 38: Thirty Years of ProtoSociology. Three Decades Between Disciplines

Edited by Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter, and Reuss-Markus Krausse

A broad interpretation of the reading of ›ProtoSociology‹ states that it is a ›medium of discourse.‹ Here, ›discourse‹ in its original reading is to be interpreted as a ›back-and-forth conversation‹ or ›debating lecture‹. It is not simply a place where to publish an article. The publication as the conclusion of a project is the result of an extensive scientific work and scientific exchange. This is also one of the reasons why ProtoSociology has established itself as a project and a scientific journal, which has been the practical conclusion since the triggering situation in the 1980s.

The contributions represented in this volume reflect the historical focus of the ProtoSociology project. Colleagues are represented who contributed to the focus. This is also true thematically, as contributions on language theory, the philosophy of the mental, and the sociology of contemporary societies are represented. The contributions to the ›Thirty Years Volume‹ are definitely evidence that they address central research problems of ProtoSociology, regardless of their particular epistemological interests.