Neue Bücher

Tanja Bogusz: Experimentalism and Sociology. From Crisis to Experience

Cham: Springer 2022

This book is based on the understanding that the diversity and heterogeneity of science and society are not only issue of critique, but engender experimental forms of collaboration. Building on John Dewey’s experimental theory of knowledge and inquiry, practice theory, science and technology studies and the anthropology of nature, the book offers a trenchant redefinition of a present-focused sociology as a science of experience in the spirit of experimentalism. Crisis, instead of being a mere problem, is understood as the baseline for creativity and innovation. Committed to the experimental pursuit, the book provides an experience-based methodological approach for an inter- and trans disciplinary sociology. Finally, it argues for a globalized and transformative sociological outreach beyond established epistemic and national borders. This book is of interest to sociologists and other social scientists pursuing experimentalism in method and/or practice.

The author

Professor PhD habil. Tanja Bogusz is a sociologist and social anthropologist at Kassel University, Germany, where she has been heading the group "Sociology of Social Disparities" since 2016. She has earned grants for research projects at the crossroads of social theory, human-environmental relations, biodiversity research, and social cohesion (DFG, BMBF, FMSH, DAAD). She has published broadly on French sociology and anthropology (classic and contemporary), pragmatism and practice theories, social sciences of nature and sociological experimentalism.