Call for Papers

Health and health management at universities

Deadline: January 15th, 2023

A great deal has happened in the higher education landscape in recent years with regard to health and health management. On the one hand, health management at universities has steadily become more professional and the majority of universities now focus specifically on the issue of health. Whether in the context of occupational health management (OHM), university health management or student health management, targeted support services for employees and students are being developed and established in many places, and organizational structures are being further developed from a health perspective.

On the other hand, the topic of health has once again gained in importance and urgency due to the psychological stress faced by lecturers, researchers and employees in technology and administration at universities and research institutes during the Corona pandemic.

The changed working conditions due to flexwork regulations, the strong increase of videoconferences, the increase of working hours outside the place of work, the increase of working hours at home and thus of working situations without personal contact to colleagues and superiors result in new questions for health researchers in the context of higher education or university researchers. As well as new consequences and requirements for executives, employees themselves and health managers in universities arise from these new working conditions.

The first issue of P-OE in 2023 is dedicated to the current issues surrounding the topic of "Health and Health Management at Universities".

Contributions can be submitted in German and English for the following categories:

  • Organizational or university and health research Research contributions that focus on the health of employees and students at universities and/or non-university research institutions. E.g.: What effects do the changed working and study conditions have on the health and well-being of the organization's members?
  • Suggestions for practice and field reports Practical reports of innovative concepts and approaches in the field of health promotion and health management for students and employees in science, technology and administration. E.g.: How can health promotion respond to the new working and study conditions?
  • Organizational development/policy Conceptual contributions that address organizational development/policy in research teaching institutions under the aspect of health. E.g.: What new challenges for leadership arise from the new working conditions under flexwork?