SASE Salons: Fractious Feminisms and Feminist Solidarities

This panel brings together leading feminist scholars and researchers to share their insights into how feminisms, in their diversity, shed new light on economics and political economy. If malestream traditions dismiss feminists as fractious—as "making trouble and complaining"—this panel asserts the usefulness of feminisms for troubling problematic assumptions and critiquing absences within dominant traditions of economics and political economy. Indeed, given significant income and wealth inequities, global conflicts and climate change, feminisms and feminist solidarities are more necessary than ever before. This panel opens up critical conversations about reimagining economics and political economies in ways that foreground feminist responses to the major concerns of our times.


Elaine Coburn [chair], Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Jayati  Ghosh, Martha Gimenez, Rauna Kuokkanen, Julie Nelson, and Busi Sibeko

SASE Salons are open live exclusively to paid members of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE). To join, visit https://sase.org/join-sase/. The webinar series presents cutting-edge research from leading thinkers in anticipation of the 2022 annual SASE conference at the University of Amsterdam, ›Fractious Connections: Anarchy, Activism, Coordination, and Control‹ – 9-11 July 2022. Our aim is to spark debate, challenge assumptions, and become an essential resource for anyone interested in socio-economics and political economy.






17.05.22 15:00